China high quality Wheel Drive Planetary Gearbox Bonfiglioli Replacement 600 Series 601R 603W 605W 606W 609W 611W 613W 615W with high quality

Wheel Push Planetary Gearbox Bonfiglioli Alternative 600 Series 601R 603W 605W 606W 609W 611W 613W 615W

Replacement gearbox for Bonfiglioli

EP602L2-twenty five



The installation dimensions of planetary gearbox, wheel drive gearbox, winch generate gearbox and keep track of travel gearbox developed by us are precisely the exact same as those of trasmital Bonfiglioli, and the efficiency parameters are quite close to these of trasmital Bonfiglioli, which can be utilised rather of trasmital Bonfiglioli’s products.

bonfiglioli model 601R 603W 605W 606W 609W 611W 613W, 615W
our model EP601R EP603W EP605W EP606W EP609W EP611W EP613W, EP615W

Exceptional Functionality Of Wheel Push Planetary Gearbox

The EPPG NB600L Serieswheel travel planetary gearbox is created for self-propelled cars with hydraulic or electric motors. Offered in a extensive variety of ratios, the gearbox permits the energy program to work at the best possible performance. The EP600L planetary equipment reducer for the wheeled vehicle has the capacity to drive whatever the kind of device with up to 2.5m of tire diameter and fifty tons each wheel. Many thanks to the broad ratio variety, there is a solution for any variety of transmission and application. The handbook declutch method can disengage the gearhead from the motor for crisis towing.

Essential Attributes Of Wheel Push Planetary Gearbox

Principal possibilities

Dynamic &amp support brake

Torque selection

3,000 … eighty five,000 Nm (26,552 … 752,313 in-lb)

Gear ratios

four.3 … 153

Input speed

up to 4,000 rpm

Brake choices

Hydraulically introduced parking brake on request

Relevant motors

– Cartridge axial piston hydraulic motors
– Flanged axial piston hydraulic motors
– Hydraulic orbit motors
– DC electrical motor brake
Track drives variety Max torque N.m Selection of ratio(i) Max enter pace(rpm) Braking torque(N.m)
EP601L1A 1750 5.77 a thousand 450-600
EP603L2A 4000 19-23-32-forty 3000 210
EP603L2B 4000 19-23-32-forty 210
EP602L2 5000 12.4-twenty five.8
EP605L2 7000 22-27-30-42-fifty three 220-310
EP606L2, L3 12000 thirty-35-43-sixty eight-79 three hundred-800
EP607L2, L3 17000 33-seventy five-108 three hundred-600
EP609L2, L3 23000 33-142 300-800
EP610L2, L3 30000 20-111 three hundred-800
EP611L2, L3 36000 41-47 300-800
EP613L3 45000 108 300-800
EP615L3 60000 108 three hundred-a thousand

Software Of Wheel Travel Planetary Gearbox

Chilly milling equipment: monitor, wheel &amp cutter drives
Pavers: Wheel, auger &amp monitor drives
Accessibility platforms: wheel &amp slew drives
Vertical, scissor, articulated and telescopic platforms
Self-propelled feed-mixers
Potato harvesters: wheel drives
Grape Harvesters: wheel drives
Sugar cane harvesters: wheel drives
Soil compactors: Drum &amp wheel drives
Road reclaimers: Wheel drives
Sprayers: wheel drives

Design (dryers, crushing equipment, mixing mills, cranes, mobile scaffolds)
Substance dealing with (gantry cranes, mobile dock cranes, movable shares, bridge cranes)
Squander and sewage treatment (rotating filters, thickeners, clarifiers, Warm hoists, agitators)
Mine and quarry devices (drilling and excavation, equipment, selectors, classifiers, conveyors, crushing devices)
Wind energy (pitch drives, yaw drives)
Substructures (movable roofs, movable gantries, piling)
Metal processing devices (conveyors, extruders, cutting equipment, roll benders, rolling mills)
Foods market (mixing equipment, mixers, conveyors, fruit extractor devices)

Other Sorts of Planetary Gearboxes

Equipment Speed Reducer for Tracked Motor vehicle Gear Velocity Reducer for Winch Planetary Equipment Reducer for Wheeled Motor vehicle
Planetary Slewing Travel Gear Speed Reducer for Wind Turbines Inline Planetary Gear Reducer
Proper Angle Gear Drives Electrical power Wheel Planetary Gear Travel Feed Mixer Push

Why Select our Wheel Travel Planetary Gearbox

Strictly Good quality Management deliver Outstand Gearbox goods

1: a hundred% screening for all the gears and Gear shaft and cast Iron Housing

2: 100% Managing Take a look at ahead of delivery (Contain Oil leak ,Sounds and Vibration check
3: one hundred% Look checking ahead of packing

Strong Production Capability &amp Sophisticated equipment  &amp Quicker shipping

1: A lot more than one hundred fifty skilled workers &amp 40000 Squre meter factory foundation

two: Imported Grinding equipment(REISHAUER) ,ensure all gears we make are DIN 6 .
three: Quickly supply (Spare element inventory for all sequence gearboxes)
4: 29 several years expertise given that 1993
5: Tailored gearbox in accordance to client’s requrement